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Ayurveda medicine collapsed due to government neglect: Kiran Maheshwari

Former Higher Education Minister and MLA Kiran Maheshwari today attracted the government's attention towards the creaking system of Ayurveda medicine through a starred question. The state government said that there are 3580 Ayurveda hospitals in Rajasthan. Out of these 41 hospitals are where one employee is not posted. About half the posts of employees and doctors are vacant.

Kiran Maheshwari informed that out of 4363 sanctioned posts of medical officers in Rajasthan, 1333 posts are vacant. Out of 4088 posts of nurses and compounders, 986 posts are vacant. 1213 posts of attendants are also vacant. Out of 113 posts of doctors in Rajsamand district, 61 posts are vacant. There is not a single employee in three dispensaries of the district.
The Ayurveda Department was last held in 2015 at 315 posts. The final recruitment of attendants was done in 1995. Kiran Maheshwari urged the state government to fill all the vacant posts of Ayurveda physicians, nurses and attendants soon.

Kiran Maheshwari also attracted the attention of the government for popularizing homeopathy medicine in the state. In reply, it was reported that 6 state hospitals and 190 dispensaries of homeopathy are running in the state. There is not a single hospital in Udaipur division. Not a new school or hospital has been opened in the last 4 years. Homeopathy single treatment centers have been developed at 56 community and primary health centers.

Kiran has also demanded the state government to include Homeopathy and Ayurveda in the free medicine scheme.

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