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Be careful, avoid rumors: Kiran Maheshwari

The corona virus outbreak is the biggest crisis of this century. Former Higher Education Minister and MLA Kiran Maheshwari has requested the public to raise the curfew with full devotion. Keep in mind that you will not leave the house till 9:00 pm on Sunday. We can face this disaster only with courage, determination and restraint.
In Kiran said that in this hour of crisis, the way Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stepped forward and tried to awaken public consciousness is commendable. We should avoid unnecessary purchase of essential commodities, do not keep any kind of panic in mind, we should follow the instructions of doctors and administration with caution and vigilance. Together we will defeat the great disaster of Corona. We will try to keep healthy, if we are healthy with good spirit, good health of our family.

Kiran said that the Janata curfew is a manifestation of our resolve. The whole world is watching curfew with great eagerness and hope.

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