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GST rate on marble to be 5%: Kiran Maheshwari

Participating in the discussion on the Goods and Services Tax Amendment Bill in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, former Higher Education Minister and MLA Kiran Maheshwari said that by implementing the Goods and Services Tax, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has fulfilled the promise of one country, one tax, one system. This is a major economic revolution.
Kiran said that today India has become the fifth largest economy in the world with a gross domestic production of $ 29 trillion. This is a result of the Prime Minister's visionary and transparent economic policies.

Kiran said that the state government should try to get tax rate on marble in the Goods and Services Tax Council to 5%. The marble industry in Rajasthan is facing a severe crisis due to intense competition, huge rise in production costs, ceramic tile and artificial marble.

The central government is not discriminating in giving Rajasthan the portion payable in central taxes. The Congress is making false accusations to hide its failures. This government is a government of few declarations.

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