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Maharana Raj Singh Panorama

Mewad has made his own identity even in the country with its sacrifice, patriotism and glorious greatness. The Rajsamand Lake situated at the Rajsamand District headquarters, which is spreading in the mind of the common man due to its unique texture and exquisite architecture because of artistic of Maharana Raj Singh who was the founder of Rajsamand.

The unmatched texture and artistic Rajsamand lake by the Rajshamand's founder Maharana Raj Singh ji, who has made a distinct identity in the entire country, has kept such great founders in the memory of the common man.

The state government created Maharana Raj Singh Panorama in Rajmahal situated near the Nachoki Pal on the banks of the Rajsamand lake, to share the life philosophy and various aspects of Maharana Raj Singh, founder of the wealthy Rajsamand.
Here various episodes related to the life of Maharana Raj Singh have been expressed through different statues.
In the above historic work, guidance was given under the inspection of Kuldeep Ranka of the Department of Art and Culture of the Government and Chief Government Secretary, the Chief of the Rajasthan Heritage Conservation and Promotion Authority, Omkar Singh Lakhawat. 

Panorama was inaugurated during the Rajasthan Gaurav Yatra by National President of BJP. Shri Amit Shah and the Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Mrs Vasundhara Raje.

Many local and tourist are coming from various parts of the country to see the said panorama and experience the aura of the great Maharana Raj Singh. Tourists are touring Panorama along with Nachoki Pal and they are admiring the artwork of architecture and enjoying pleasant seasons during the rain in the same lake.

Rajasamand's pride Maharana Raj Singh Ji was born on September 24, 1629. His father was Maharana Jagatsingh ji and mother Maharani Janod Kunwar Madethani Ji. He was crowned as the king only at the young age of 23. 
Maharana Raj Singh Ji was not only an art lovers but also pious, socially and a very efficient governor. During his reign, people got an opportunity to know about his charity. He used to give gold, silver, precious metals to the worthy people.
Apart from this, he also constructed many Tiger Gardens, Fountains, Temples and Sarovars etc. The greatest development work counted can be said to lay siege to Rajsamand Lake and to build a garrulous Nunchaki. He was also a great God devotee. At the time of arrival of Dwarkhandadh ji and Shrinath ji, he handed himself the palanquin and welcomed the God. He gave shelter to many people during his reign, rescued them from other invaders and gave them the opportunity to live respectfully. 

He also personally used to honour the worthy youth and other people. Maharana Raj Singh was a extraordinary ruler of his time and is still an inspiration to the whole world. 

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  • Jitendra ladha

    Jitendra ladha

    October 29, 2018 | 08:44 PM

    महाराणा राज सिंह पैनोरमा देखने के बाद राजसमन्द के उज्जवल भविष्य की तस्वीर नजर आने लगी, पहले कभी सोचा ही नहीं था कि राजसमन्द में इस प्रकार का पर्यटन विकास भी हो सकता है। माननीय उच्च शिक्षा मंत्री किरण जी माहेश्वरी के विजन व दूर दृष्टि से ही राजसमन्द का विकास संभव है। अब लगने लगा है कि राजसमन्द में पर्यटन विकास की अपार संभावनाएं है।