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No Vision for Development in Rajasthan Budget by Congress Government

Deeply disappointed with the budget of the Rajasthan government. In the Chief Minister's budget statement, the vision of development is not visible, not fixed. All development works in the state have been blocked, small payments have also stopped. By imposing 4% tax on petrol diesel, the government had already imposed a burden of ₹ 10000 crore on the people of the state. There is no proposal in the budget to encourage the recession facing marble industry. Control over unproductive expenses has been ignored. There has been no attempt to correct regional imbalances.
This is a simple and monotonous budget. In the budget, the public has been cheated by making no provision for freedom from agricultural loans given from commercial banks. Employment generation and industrial development have been neglected. The Chief Minister has turned his back on the election promises. A maximum of 3 points can be given to this budget at a value of 10.

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