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One more title in the Bag of Achievements of Rajsamand

Rajsamand has grabbed one more title. This time the R.K. Government Hospital has become the only hospital in the state to get NAQS (National Quality Assurance Standards) Certification 2018. Out of the 27 state hospitals, only 1 hospital from Rajasthan can pass through the 18 Department checkpoints and 8 Index involving 5000 checkpoints. As the hospital is the only one to pass on the quality standards in the state, it will get an amount of Rs 15 lakhs annually, Rs 5000 per bed from the Central Government. Accident emergency, Indoor, Outdoor, Labor Room, OT, Mortuary, Administration, Blood Bank, Malnutrition Treatment Centre, Maternity and Pediatric Ward, Postmortem Unit, ICU, SNCU, Radiological Department, Test Lab, Electricity, Water and Parking services are taken under consideration.

The quality index includes parameters like patient rights, support services, clinical services, quality management and infection control.

R.K. Government hospital stands on all these parameters to grab the position.

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