A Journey Towards Development - Kiran Maheshwari

In 1985, the question of Ramjanm Bhumi was disturbing the mind of every nationalist Indian. The Gangaajal Yatra of Vishva Hindu Parishad brought a tide of awakening in the country. At the age of 24, Kiran took the first step in her public life from the journey of Gangajal Yatra. Soon she became an extremely active worker of the Vishva Hindu Parishad. While performing various responsibilities in Durga Vahini, Kiran got introduced to the situation and suffering of the Hindu society.

Ramjanm Bhumi came to the center of national politics in 1989. Kiran Maheshwari established herself in Konarkoli in the field of Mahila Jagrati. By organizing a group of women activists in BJP, the responsibility for systematic publicity was given to Kiran Maheshwari. Thus she entered the politics area. She demonstrated her organization skills by running a continuous campaign by promoting women in the 1990 assembly elections.

In 1991, she came to Udaipur due to her husband's workplace. Here, she organized several campaigns by consolidating women workers and promoting Mahila Morcha in a number of villages. The responsibility of the District General Secretary and District President of the Mahila Morcha was efficiently implemented by Kiran. In 1992, the Ayodhya Car Seva and the Delhi rally in 1993 showed her devotion, dedication and ingenuity towards the society.

Kiran Maheshwari

In 1994, she emerged victorious in the Udaipur Municipal Council by becoming the President and became the Chairman of the council. The name Kiran Maheshwari spread throughout Rajasthan, due to the corruption free administration, quick solution of public issues, constant communication and dialogue with the masses as well as giving due respect to the allies. Udaipur city council then became the most capable and ideal body of the state.

In the year 1994, she established Women's Co-operative Bank for empowerment and upliftment of women. She became its founder President. Due to the modern technology, skilled organization and sensitivity, the bank became the leading organization of women emancipation.

In 2000, Kiran Maheshwari was appointed as the President of BJP Mahila Morcha of Rajasthan Pradesh. By making continuous visits throughout the state and direct contact to the Tehsil level, she made the movement energized and dynamic. In 2000, the Maha session organized by her in Kota which included 22000 women, distinguished her name in national politics.

In 2003, she became the first Mahila Maha-Sacheev of Rajasthan BJP. She participated in the transformation journey with full potential as well as energy and played a major role in the development of women leadership. She was declared Assembly candidate from Udaipur but she gave up the post in the interest of the organization. In the Lok Sabha elections of 2004, defeating Congress leading woman Girija Vyas in eight assembly constituencies, she went to the Lok Sabha from Udaipur-Rajsamand Parliamentary Constituency.

Considering her effective participation in the Lok Sabha and outstanding performance on contemporary subjects, Kiran Maheshwari made a special identity. She also became BJP's National Secretary in 2004 itself.

In 2006, she was appointed as the National President of the Mahila Morcha. This journey from the ordinary worker of the country to the national president is a journey of excitement, achievement and devotion to the principles. While being the national president of the women's movement, she approved the policy of one third women reservation at each level of the organization. The BJP formed such a first political party, where a comprehensive partnership of women was ensured in the organization.

In the year 2008, she was elected MLA from Rajsamand. Due to communicating with the public and the workers, she laid a new definition of politicians throughout the field. With the transparency of MP and MLA funds, the people of the village have been given development in line with full quality. In the legislative assembly, the unbiased and concise expression on the subjects of public importance established her in the line of leading legislators. She took maximum responsibility in the House, taking full interest in legislative work and regular participation in committees. She also created a record of putting more than 650 questions in 5 years.

She was nominated as the National General Secretary of the BJP in the year 2011. Complete commitment of all the obligations, constant awareness of the organization's responsibilities and continuous endowment in the guidance of senior leadership is a part of Kiran's lifestyle. She is also associated with full activism in various social and service organizations. Kiran organized a new initiative of empowerment of women in the rural areas by arranging SarwaSamaj Samuhik Kanyadan Mahotsav in Rajsamand in 2012.

In March 2013, she was nominated as the National Vice-President of the BJP. Kiran made a special image in politics only with constant devotion to her work and with full allegiance to the organization. True integrity, transparency and singularity in speaking is Kiran’s true personality.

All the welfare schemes of the State Government and Central Government should be given maximum benefit to their area, for which she was fully conscious. Beawar Gomti Rajsamand Udaipur and Bhilwara Kankroli Sadak activation started only due to her continuous diligence. She personally tried to give maximum benefit to the people of the Rajasamand region through various life-pension schemes.

In addition to politics, she is active in the social field. She has played a leading role in various functions like Sarva Samaj Samuhik Vivah, Charbhuja Padyatra from Kankroli and, death sentence to be given for the perpetrator of rape and murder with the Masoom Balik. She is also working with liability as well as fidelity in many social and service organizations like All India Maheshwari Mahasabha, Vaishya Mahasammelan, Indian Lions Parisangh, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Mrigendra Bharati, Savarkar Smriti.

Kiran Maheshwari

She has also travelled to countries like USA, South Africa, Pakistan, Austria, Germany, Malaysia etc. She has travelled extensively in all the regions of India and has studied the lives and traditions of the people here.

Kiran is fully aware of her family responsibilities even after being over-hyped in politics and social sectors. Spend time with family members, working in the kitchen as soon as she gets a little opportunity and being careful about all the work at home is her daily routine. She is also a skilled homemaker. She has interests in cooking various dishes in the kitchen.

Kiran Maheshwari, who took the first step in politics from Kankroli, is a known name in national politics. Kiran has always contributed to the glory of Mewar, as well as shared the happiness and hardships of the people without ego. She is a reflection of ease and simplicity and with all of this Kiran has become popular as well as the favourite of the people.

Kiran's life spell is - continuous functionality, softness and humility in behavior and full transparency in public life.