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Interacted with the people of Emdi Gram Panchayat and urged them to vote for BJP in the elections

In the Emdi Gram panchayat area of Rajsamand, reached Naugama, Bheel Basti, Gadriyawas, Mahavir Nagar, Maaliyon ki Bawdi, Emdi and other places and requested the common people to vote and support the BJP in the upcoming election.

While giving an exhortation in a public gathering, said that one vote of the general public is a loan to me, I will repay that loan through development. There has been no shortage of development in rural areas under the BJP rule. The BJP has always given priority to the interest of the commoners and has provided relief to the commoners by implementing schemes of public welfare.
The people of the present reassured their support in favor of BJP by raising their hands.s.