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Newly Constructed Vegetable market of Kankroli and Rajnagar inaugurated.

On 1st June 2018, newly constructed Vegetable Market has been inaugurated in Kankroli as well as Rajsamandh, Rs 134 Lakh and Rs 124 Lakhs respectively. I along with the housing and urban development minister Shri Shrichand Kripalani inaugurated the Vegetable Market in Raja Nagar and Kankroli constructed by the Municipal Council. The newly constructed Shree Dwarkesh vegetable market is spread over 12324 square feet area.

In which 82 platforms have been created. The size of each platform is 6 by 8 feet. A total of 134 lakh rupees has been spent on the construction of this vegetable market. 10 shops of 12 by 15 feet have been constructed under the Food Court building on the first floor of the vegetable market. The parking capacity of 81 cars and 48 motorcycles has been arranged near the market area of around 21646 square feet.

The Pandit Deendayal Vegetable Market situated in Rajnagar is built from Rs124 lakhs which are spread over 9632 square feet area. 61 platforms of 6 feet 7.5 feet have been constructed. With such huge construction of Vegetable Markets in Kankroli and Rajsamand, the residents of both the cities are overwhelmed and thanked the government for giving such big developmental gestures.

On entering the city, various organizations, NGOs etc. have welcomed me along with the Urban Development Minister Shri Chand Kripalani, with fireworks in the joy of adding to the mainstream development of the city by meeting the old two demands of the city. I and Srichand Kripalani observed the markets and found these to be helpful for Rajnagar, Kankroli and nearby villages.  Collectively, it is said to be systematically facilitated in terms of accessible traffic for the villagers. While addressing, I mentioned that construction of the vegetable market will provide great relief, especially to the women vendors along with the men during the summer, winter and rainy season. 

On this occasion Yuvraj Goswami Vedant Raj of Dwarkadhish Temple Temple, District Collector Smt. Anandi, Municipal Council Chairman Shri Suresh Paliwal, Commissioner of Municipal Councils Mr. Brijesh Rai, Councilors of the Municipal Council, representatives of various organizations, including vegetable vendors were present.