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Participated in the foundation stone laying ceremony of hostel construction  in Rajsamand

Participated in the foundation stone laying ceremony of hostel construction opposite to Seth Ranglal Kothari State College in Rajsamand
While addressing the organized conference, BJP's National Vice President and Rajya Sabha MP Mr. Om Prakash Ji Mathur gave detailed information on the customs and ideology of the BJP. He said that BJP has always given priority to the interest of the common man. The BJP's rule has led to widening development of the poor and the villagers. BJP leaders and workers work with purity. He said that in the rule of BJP, a free gas kit has been available in the homes of 5 crore poor women, while on the request of the Prime Minister, 20 million people have left the gas subsidy. We should be proud that the Prime Minister of India works with the aim of serving the common people of the country at all times. With the efforts of Prime Minister, India celebrates the whole world as Yoga Day on 21st June. Efforts are being made to cleanliness in the village and houses also toilets are being constructed at homes.

Speaking at the function organized, said that the country's Prime Minister was born in a poor family, so he understands the problems of the poor and works on solving them. With the efforts of Modi ji, a common person's account is being opened in the bank today. In Jana Dhan Yojna, the account is being opened in banks on zero balance, in which the beneficiary's money is directly deposited in the accounts.
As soon as the BJP came, the wages of the common people connected with NAREGA are directly being deposited in the accounts; the pension of the common man is being paid without paying the cash, the amount of the Prime Minister's housing scheme Direct accounts are being adjusted, as well as the exemptions or subsidies of various government schemes, which are also going directly into the beneficiary's account, broker and corruption has been completely eliminated. The BJP's rule has led to the widening development of rural areas with the spirit of serving the common man. There has been a lot of work in the field of roads, water, electricity, education, health related to the common man.

Rajsamand district stands as an example for the entire country, where social welfare is organized by organizing collective marriage of all the society. All society's cooperation is received in the collective marriage of the society. In the end said that BJP is the only party which has the capacity to work for the upliftment of all the communities together.